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Application Guidelines

Directors will consider one proposal per program area per year.

Deadlines for receipt of proposals:

March 15 - Program Areas – HEALTH or HUMAN SERVICES (click here for description)

Health Services include: Medical Education, Medical Research, Mental Health Care, Public Health, Sports/Physical Activity, and Women's Health.

Human Services include: Improving Quality of Life, Mentoring Program, and Character Building.

October 15 –Program Areas - ARTS or COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT or ENVIRONMENT or PRESERVATION or EDUCATION (click here for description).

Arts includes: Literary, Media/Communications, Performing, Theater/Dance/Music, and Visual

Community Development includes: Capital Campaign, Community Improvement, Economic/Business, Law Enforcement/Safety, Planning and Urban Development

Education includes: Adult Continuing/Literacy, Elementary, Pre-School, and Secondary

Environment includes: Conservation, Green Projects, Recycling, Protection of Eco Systems and animals, and Energy Saving Projects

Preservation includes: Restoration or Protection of Historic Objects/buildings from Damage or Loss

If deadline falls on a weekend, proposals will be due the next business day.)  Notification of director’s decisions:  May and December. 

Proposals are accepted via e-mail at
application@kempnerfund.org (please verify receipt)

Include the following information
as outlined below.  Please provide brief but complete answers.  Your proposal should be no more than 10 pages excluding attachments.  If your request is $5,000 or less please contact the office before submitting a proposal.

  • Cover letter signed by the Executive Director and the Board Chair/President
  • Proposal Summary Sheet form (click here for form)
  • Project/Program Information
    • Brief description
    • Do you collaborate with other organizations on this project?  Briefly describe the roles of each organization.  Is anyone else providing this service or program?  How does your project/service/program differ?
    • Project Budget (income and expenses)
    • Other funding sources, amounts being solicited, received or pledged
      • If none raised to date, describe how successful your organization has been in raising funds in past years.  What will happen to this project if you are unable to raise the full amount needed?
    • Plans for evaluation
      • Specify expected outcomes, how these outcomes will be measured, monitored and what impact these outcomes will have on the project or issue.
      • If this is a request for operations, what are the goals of the organization for the year
  • Organization Information
    • Brief History
    • Mission Statement
    • Number of Board meetings per year
    • List of current officers and board members
      • Describe director involvement; attendance at board meetings, financial or time contributions.
    • No change in IRS status on letterhead 
    • Independent Auditors Report (you may provide a link if available)
    • Financial Statements (year-to-date) for organization (you may provide a link if available)

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